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All Pugs Leap farmstead artisan cheese is made by hand at White Whale Farm, a small family owned goat dairy. The milk is provided by our 120 happy and healthy goats who are free to roam on pasture. By using only our own goats’ milk we are able to control the process and quality from start to finish. Both the dairy and the creamery are housed in a beautiful old barn that was built in 1867.



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Our Cheese


Pugs Leap Cosette Chèvre is a true artisan cheese that is hand crafted from the beginning of the process until the end. The milk is single sourced from our own herd of goats. We control the quality of our product from how we raise and manage our goats, till the end when we package and label our finished product. Our chèvre is made fresh, in small batches- hand-ladled, hand-salted, and hand-packed.


An aged cheese maintaining freshness in flavor, Samson brings a bright taste of raw goat's milk, slightly sweet and floral, together with grassy and saline notes which serve as a testament to the coastal pastures the herd grazes on just outside Valley Ford in Sonoma County. A streak of minerality and a mushroomy earthiness add complexity to the balance, making for a cheese which tastes both of place and of the craft of rustic, artisanal cheesemaking. Like the unforgettable farm dog it is named after, Samson stands for something loyal to the farm, at once sturdy and gentle.

Petit Marcel

Our original cheese, the Petit Marcel, is currently unavailable.


  • Other Avenues Grocery

    3930 Judah St
    San Francisco, CA 94122

    (415) 661-7475
    Available Here: Cosette
  • Mill Valley Market

    12 Corte Madera Ave
    Mill Valley, CA 94941

    (415) 388-3222
    Available Here: Cosette
  • Valley Ford Store

    14400 CA-1
    Valley Ford, CA 94972

    (707) 876-3245
    Available Here: Cosette
  • Freestone Cheese

    380 Bohemian Hwy
    Freestone, CA 95472

    (707) 874-1030
    Available Here: Cosette
  • Oxbow Public Market

    610 & 644 1st St
    Napa, CA 94559

    (707) 226-6529
    Available Here: Cosette
  • Petaluma Market

    210 Western Ave
    Petaluma, CA 94952

    (707) 762-8452
    Available Here: Cosette
  • Oliver's - Montecito

    560 Montecito Center
    Santa Rosa, CA 95409

    (707) 537-7123
    Available Here: Cosette
  • Oliver's - Stony Point

    461 Stony Point Rd
    Santa Rosa, CA 95401

    (707) 284-3530
    Available Here: Cosette
  • Rainbow Grocery

    1745 Folsom St
    San Francisco, California 94103

    (415) 863-0620
    Available Here: Cosette
  • Oliver's - Cotati

    546 E Cotati Ave
    Cotati, CA 94931

    (707) 795-9501
    Available Here: Cosette

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