The goats are the heart of the farm providing quality milk for our cheeses and constant good cheer


Our dairy goats enjoy a high quality of life. They thrive in the mild coastal climate, with a diet based on rich alfalfa and lush organic pasture. The original herd traces back to a group of kids acquired in 2006 and has grown from there. Two high producing Swiss type breeds are most prevalent, Alpines and Saanens. There are also a smaller number of Nubians and Lamanchas in the herd, with some crossbred grades as well. Kids are raised on milk to weaning at which point they are offered pasture. Does are milked twice daily for a minimum of 10 months and frequently longer and receive several months “off” while pregnant. The herd participates in DHI testing, recording daily milk weights and percent solids, essential for cheese making. We attend a small number of shows each year. You might find us at either the Sonoma County or Humboldt County Fairs.

In addition to providing quality milk to the creamery for cheesemaking, herd management is focused on marketing animals as seed stock for other herds and dairies across the United States and abroad. The herd is free of CAE, CL, TB and Brucellosis. We breed for hearty highly productive animals. The majority of animals are registered. We utilize ADGA Performance Programs to assist us in improving the herd’s production and structure and to provide information to potential buyers. At any time, we generally have a variety of animals for sale, both individually and in groups. For more information, contact Ben or reference the PDFs below.




Ben Rupchis

Herd Manager